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Dieting and exercising can help you shed unwanted pounds, but after you lose weight, stubborn areas of fat can remain. Liposuction treatment targets and removes fat deposits and offers an effective way to contour your body. Our professionals at Milford Medical and Aesthetic Care work to honor our patients' aesthetic goals and to help them rejuvenate attractive body contours for a refreshed look. 

The Liposuction Procedure

Areas in the body, including the trunk, arms, legs and neck that have excess fat can be treated by liposuction.  This procedure involves infusing a solution of saline, adrenaline and xylocaine into the fat pocket followed by aspiration to remove the fluid and fat, allowing the skin over the fat pocket to shrink to a tighter shape. Small incisions are made in various fold lines in the body and are very difficult to see. General or local anesthesia with sedation (“twilight anesthesia”) is used and surgical time varies between one and three hours. This procedure is often used to supplement tummy tuck surgery. Usually no overnight stay in the hospital is needed.

After the surgery, the patient may get up and move around, wearing a form-fitting garment, stocking or bandage, depending on what part of the body was treated. The patient wears these bandages for a few weeks during recovery to provide comfort, compression and reduction of swelling and bruising.

Most of Dr. Fischer's liposuction patients resume their normal activities after a few days. They may take over the counter analgesics for minor discomfort and oral antibiotics to guard against infection. Also, fluid may drain from the incisions. After many weeks, body contours look normalized.

Who Can Get Liposuction?

Liposuction helps many healthy individuals look and feel their best. However, Dr. Fischer cautions that patients undergoing cosmetic procedures should have realistic expectations. For instance, a 60-year-old undergoing face lift surgery should not expect to look 20 years old.

With liposuction, patients look forward to a more pleasing shape but must realize that liposuction does not replace a healthy diet and exercise for weight reduction. Also, the procedure does not remove excess skin after weight loss or remove the dimpling characteristic of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. 

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Only an experienced plastic surgeon can tell you if liposuction is an appropriate procedure for you. To find out, contact our team at Milford Medical and Aesthetic Care by calling our Milford, CT office at (203) 301-5860

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