Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Blepharoplasty ( Eyelid Surgery ) in Milford, CT

Extra eyelid skin and puffiness giving that tired look is treated with skin and fat removal during blepharoplasty surgery. This treatment can involve either or both the upper and lower eyelids, and sometimes is coupled with a brow lift.  Local anesthesia with sedation (“twilight anesthesia”) or general anesthesia is used and the procedure involves making an incision in the upper eyelid crease and either inside the lower eyelid, or along the lower eyelid lash line.

During the initial consultation, your goals for the procedure will be addressed, as well as your medical and surgical history and any medications you are currently taking. Photos may also be taken and the procedural and recovery plan will be discussed. This is a good time to ask any questions you may have about the procedure, the recovery, or your results

In the days immediately following your blepharoplasty, you will likely experience swelling, bruising, irritation, and eye dryness as the incisions heal. These symptoms can be controlled with rest, cold compresses, and approved medication or ointments from your plastic surgeon. Your sutures are removed after a week. Within 10 to 14 days, noticeable bruising or swelling will have subsided and you'll begin to see your new appearance taking shape. Following the post-op instructions is essential for the best results.

The surgery takes between one and two hours and is done as an outpatient with no overnight stay.

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