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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is fat trapped by connective tissue fibers resulting in skin dimpling seem most commonly in the thigh and buttock areas. There is no permanent cure for this problem, but the TriActive laser can temporarily reduce the dimpled appearance using a combination of laser skin penetration and massage. It is not painful, and usually requires 16 treatments(two times/week for 8 weeks) followed by maintenance treatments depending on skin response. It is sometimes used to compliment the results after liposuction.

Hair Treatment

Reduction of unwanted hair is most often done on the face, bikini area and underarms; but can be accomplished anywhere on the body as long as the hair is dark in color. Treatments are done monthly and usually require 5 to 6 visits to permanently reduce the growth. It is more difficult to treat patients with darker skin tones, and light or gray hair can not be removed with the laser.

Vascular( Spider Vein) Treatment

Thin dilated blood vessels commonly known as "spider veins" can be erased with the vascular laser. Typical areas involved include the nose, cheeks and chin as well the legs. Two to 4 treatments may be needed, each separated by one to 2 months.

Treatment for Brown Spots

Certain pigmented skin spots can be removed with the pigment laser. All lesions are first evaluated for any possibilty of skin cancer before treatment, and avoidance of sun on the areas is key to long term success.